If you cloned the Notebook Template, then you are presently an admin of the site. The top bar has an admins only link, but it will only show if you have created an Admin CSS Page. Thankfully, this process is simple. Simply click on the button below, press save, and return to this page. When you are finished, you should see a small cogwheel appear in the top bar. mozaika czerwona
Welcome to the User Guide! If you just created this site, this page will give you a tour of the site's major pages and provide a step-by-step instructional for getting started. If this is your first Wikidot site, we also invite you to read the
These pages will help you get started with some specific aspects of Wikidot. These pages only provide a basic overview, and it is hence recommended that to fully explore the extent of Wikidot's power that you visit the The below is a step-by-step instructional for setting up your website. Except for the first step, these instructions need not be followed in any particular order.